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Bundan istiyorum ya..

Oh god I just bought it because of this.


Mum, I’ve had a life with you for nineteen years. But then I met The Doctor. And all the things I’ve seen him do for me, for you. For all of us. For the whole stupid planet and every planet out there, he does it alone Mum. But not anymore. Cause now he’s got me. 


HOW am i expected to go to school when i wake up the same time that it ends

"He’d take her how he found her."


David Tennant on how the Doctor would feel if Rose had been a call girl. (via chylerleigh)

Followed by a big laugh from the audience and billie… She had to explain why to him. He laughed and said: well it’s quite HARD not to make any innuendos…

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"A culture fixated on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty, [it is] an obsession about female obedience."


Lois Griffin (via fawun)

Always reblog. 

Understanding this concept is probably the only reason I know longer have weight issues. Instead of thinking that I should be thinner to look nicer, I’ve got it in my head that thinner=more compliant and over my dead body is that ever happening. 

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im so glad fanfiction sometimes looks like those basic formatted websites u read for deeply detailed paragraphs on educational subjects

my dad just walked into my room and saw words on my computer and was like “oh ur studying sorry” when i was actually reading about two boys fucking in a storage room on a cruise ship